Monday, September 15, 2014

Barn fun and photoshoot!

Last week we enjoyed our adventures on a farm
what belong to our friends - Karen and Kent Durr.
Three of our young dogs came along to make us a company.

 Above: Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution (Lusha)

 Above: Shazzam Of Oz Just-A-Joy (Gigi).

 Ira plays with 3 brats behind of barns.

 Lusha got a ball!

 Frolicking! Lusha (below), Awwa (above).

Above: Shazzam Of Oz Awesome News (Awwa). 

 Barns are fun! No butts about it!

 Horses are fun too!
(With our Kaya - Cove Creek Skys Unlimited)

 Trotting away!

 Meet Kaya!

Our puppyrazzi-friend with her camera!

And one more of Kaya and Awwa!
What a great play day it was!

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