Monday, July 27, 2015

"Show must go on!... Again!"

It was 3 days long show weekend in Bloomsburg, PA.
This time our show starrrrs were Roy and Lusha.
We didn't show in conformation, but tried out those two
for their first ever Rally-O weekend out.
To our huge surprise both dogs outdid all our best expectations,
They got qualifying score every single day and more then that.
Every single day they got a placement in their class too!
Day 3 was announced as AKC licensed regional Championship
for Obedience and Rally,
but our two clowns still get their qualification ribbons and placements.
Better yet - on a day 3 they earned their first 
AKC working titles "RN" - what stands for "Rally-novice".
Way to go, Dynamic Duo!

 Above: together with Judge Stephanie Podejko.

Below, some of rosettes and ribbons collected by "Duo" during this weekend.

Thank You to judges Theodore A. Waishesky  and Stephanie Podejko!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Puppyhood updates!

Awwa's puppies are growing scary-fast!
They are only 3 weeks old, but looking impressively BIG 
close to their Mom.

 Boy above and girl below.
Both are too cute, That cute - Ira and I are really glad them two are sold.
We do not need more puppies at the moment! But we always can make room for one...
So good for us they have homes.

 Above... Snow-White princess is not there, 
but 7 little gnomes are all in perfect order!
Tutta's litter is over week old and soon will have their eyes open!

They are marvelous little gang. All look very even and great eaters.
Thankfully, Tutta is a very god mother and manages those 7 very well
without much help on our side...
Well, have to convince - I still check on them at night to make sure
if somebody got under those blankets, but usually I don't have to do much.

 Little ladies on a top, gentlemen - below.
Pretty big, especially for 7-puppies-litter.
Today we moved them with their Mom to the living-room.
That mean - I'm giving up most of responsibilities to Tutta and actually going to sleep! 
Just like they do.

Picnicing around...

This weekend Lusha and Roy
(and the rest of our none-schnauzer family members)
went to the little picnic to the park to celebrate
Jim's legitimate retirement. 

Above (left to right) Roy, Irina, Lusha and Veronika
(our used-to be puppy-sitter what we do not see that often
now days when she is all grown up)

Above - Irina walking with both schnauzers.
I'm not sure what those two are looking for 
in all that grass...

 Above - Jim and Todd having too much of a fun grilling!

Above- Tanya with Lusha and Veronika with Roy
posing for camera...
We had great day regardless of Thunderstorm 
and some issues with the gilling part 
(well, we had to grab dogs and food and go to finishing cooking part 
at home).
Happy retirement, Jim!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tutta X Timmy babies are here!

On July 10 (3 AM) our beautiful Tutta presented us with her puppies.
Few nights in prior she already was getting restless and so did the rest of
participants (myself, Irina, and my bedroom companions - dogs and ducks).
Don't think Jim was getting much sleep either... but thankfully now he is on 
retirement and doesn't get up at 6 every morning to go to his job...
Anyway... just like I mentioned - Tutta started her "puppy-performance at 3 AM.
Sort of early for my preference, but dogs never ask.
Above - myself and Lusha watching over Tutta in her nest.

... And here is a first baby! Lovely and vigorous!...

To our total disbelieve we ended up having 7 wonderful puppies.
Momma Tutta didn't look that big!..
But here they are, all 7, boys and girls, all looking good, eating well
and acting right.
More pictures and updates to be posted soon.
Please be patient with us, guys, we have lot of work to do here...