Monday, July 13, 2015

Tutta X Timmy babies are here!

On July 10 (3 AM) our beautiful Tutta presented us with her puppies.
Few nights in prior she already was getting restless and so did the rest of
participants (myself, Irina, and my bedroom companions - dogs and ducks).
Don't think Jim was getting much sleep either... but thankfully now he is on 
retirement and doesn't get up at 6 every morning to go to his job...
Anyway... just like I mentioned - Tutta started her "puppy-performance at 3 AM.
Sort of early for my preference, but dogs never ask.
Above - myself and Lusha watching over Tutta in her nest.

... And here is a first baby! Lovely and vigorous!...

To our total disbelieve we ended up having 7 wonderful puppies.
Momma Tutta didn't look that big!..
But here they are, all 7, boys and girls, all looking good, eating well
and acting right.
More pictures and updates to be posted soon.
Please be patient with us, guys, we have lot of work to do here...

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