Monday, July 27, 2015

"Show must go on!... Again!"

It was 3 days long show weekend in Bloomsburg, PA.
This time our show starrrrs were Roy and Lusha.
We didn't show in conformation, but tried out those two
for their first ever Rally-O weekend out.
To our huge surprise both dogs outdid all our best expectations,
They got qualifying score every single day and more then that.
Every single day they got a placement in their class too!
Day 3 was announced as AKC licensed regional Championship
for Obedience and Rally,
but our two clowns still get their qualification ribbons and placements.
Better yet - on a day 3 they earned their first 
AKC working titles "RN" - what stands for "Rally-novice".
Way to go, Dynamic Duo!

 Above: together with Judge Stephanie Podejko.

Below, some of rosettes and ribbons collected by "Duo" during this weekend.

Thank You to judges Theodore A. Waishesky  and Stephanie Podejko!

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