Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food is always attractive!

When we introducing puppies to new environment, subjects or situations, it is always good idea to give them at the same time something what they are very comfortable and familiar with... For instance - presence of their Mom is always helpful, but even more so will be presence of food. 
Today, soon after they turned 5 weeks, we introduced them to several new factors at the same time... Instead of their small puppy-walking area they were taken in big kennel (after all adult dogs were put to eat and kennel was washed and disinfected). We put there one of our rubber mats, what pups never were on before. Also - instead of familiar ceramic bowls puppy got their food in 3 different unfamiliar bowels... And to top all it off - we took them out inside of Sherpa-bag (usually we would carry them in-hands).
With all of above they weren't scared or confused as soon they recognized familiar and tempting smell of their food. It was gone in about 3 minutes, just as long as it took me to shoot this video.
Today's goal was achived and transition to big playground went totally smooth. next time they are going there together with Mom and will learn even more.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lacy's pups are MONTH old!

And here is another update - yes, they are already turn month old! We got a basket out to honor "International Picnic Day" (and who only came up with that anyway?)
We are "picnicking" right on the floor of our living room, because it is so hot outside that we could cook those hot dogs right one  the concrete surface of our kennel playground.... 
All dogs are inside too... for some reason none of them what to feel like a hot dog...
As for puppies - they didn't care. They never lived out of living room yet and feel pretty cool about it... (literally... and not so literally, thank you to our central AC system).

Picnic basket #1.  Thee boy.

Picnic basket #2. Another boy... who is not very happy with me, my camera and his basket.

 Picnic basket #3. Content of basket sliding down on a pillow. Another  boy.

 Do I have to say: "Thee girl! Or it is evident enough?.."

Basket is mine. Toy is mine. Bow is mine. And I'm a girl too! 

Lacy's puppies 3 weeks old.

This is a "catching up" post. We took some photos, but got caught in housework, grooming etc and I had no chance to post it on-time. So... here they are! Looking more like real dogs, don't they?!...

Girls just love their ponies!

 And when it is the ONLY pony for two...
they have to share!

On other hands boys... Always serious and always looking for something to do..
(eat it will be!)

... they also not so enthusiastic about "sharing" part...

 ...To be continued....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sammy is home !!!

Today we went to meet with Carol and Ron and finally brought home our Sammy (CH Shazzam Of Oz Something Else). She was away from us and the rest of dogs for extended period of time and everybody was anticipating, how meeting with the rest of pack will look like... It was easy. Lulu, Sammy's Mom was a one of the first to approach her. Sammy immediately plopped at her back pink belly up and was showing everybody, that she is peaceful and only want to play. Most of dogs recognized her and only puppies had some questions, but also didn't have any problems.
It was the best family reunion I ever attended! Welcome back, Sammy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hard working dogs.

Whole day of work and luckily it was all work with dogs - some grooming, some papers, two trips to vet office with regular stuff (it would be just one, if I wouldn't forget home half of impotent items!) 
Meanwhile Lacy and her pups are working as well. Lacy is keeping her Milk Bar open and puppies... 
their job is to eat and of course to grow, what they successfully do.
And at my opinion they are getting pretty big.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time to see our vets!

 Leila on the table. Irina is near by... I'm somewhere with camera-phone.

Went today to our vets for rabies vaccination.  "Persona of the Day" was Leila and two of our youngest residents - Gina and Roy went along with her. Of course Leila taught them a lesson "how to be all you can" and was as vocal as only Leila can be. This dog has her own opinion about everything and everybody. By the end of this visit pups did pretty good on a leash and Leila was slightly puzzled with the question "Where is my other blue ribbon?". She didn't get one, just a rabies shot. However she enjoyed herself when we put her on the table - just like when it was show time with ribbons and prizes. This dog loves to be a star!

 Little Gina is convinced that visits to our vet are FUN!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lacy's puppies are two weeks old!


Yes, we are about two weeks old, have our little eyes open and tails are gone. I'm posting only a quick update, because naturally we do not have much of free time to play with video... Lot of work needs to be done with cleaning up after that storm we had here... but puppies do not care! They just growing, sleeping and eating. This is their job to do for the moment....