Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lacy's pups are MONTH old!

And here is another update - yes, they are already turn month old! We got a basket out to honor "International Picnic Day" (and who only came up with that anyway?)
We are "picnicking" right on the floor of our living room, because it is so hot outside that we could cook those hot dogs right one  the concrete surface of our kennel playground.... 
All dogs are inside too... for some reason none of them what to feel like a hot dog...
As for puppies - they didn't care. They never lived out of living room yet and feel pretty cool about it... (literally... and not so literally, thank you to our central AC system).

Picnic basket #1.  Thee boy.

Picnic basket #2. Another boy... who is not very happy with me, my camera and his basket.

 Picnic basket #3. Content of basket sliding down on a pillow. Another  boy.

 Do I have to say: "Thee girl! Or it is evident enough?.."

Basket is mine. Toy is mine. Bow is mine. And I'm a girl too! 

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