Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time to see our vets!

 Leila on the table. Irina is near by... I'm somewhere with camera-phone.

Went today to our vets for rabies vaccination.  "Persona of the Day" was Leila and two of our youngest residents - Gina and Roy went along with her. Of course Leila taught them a lesson "how to be all you can" and was as vocal as only Leila can be. This dog has her own opinion about everything and everybody. By the end of this visit pups did pretty good on a leash and Leila was slightly puzzled with the question "Where is my other blue ribbon?". She didn't get one, just a rabies shot. However she enjoyed herself when we put her on the table - just like when it was show time with ribbons and prizes. This dog loves to be a star!

 Little Gina is convinced that visits to our vet are FUN!

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