Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food is always attractive!

When we introducing puppies to new environment, subjects or situations, it is always good idea to give them at the same time something what they are very comfortable and familiar with... For instance - presence of their Mom is always helpful, but even more so will be presence of food. 
Today, soon after they turned 5 weeks, we introduced them to several new factors at the same time... Instead of their small puppy-walking area they were taken in big kennel (after all adult dogs were put to eat and kennel was washed and disinfected). We put there one of our rubber mats, what pups never were on before. Also - instead of familiar ceramic bowls puppy got their food in 3 different unfamiliar bowels... And to top all it off - we took them out inside of Sherpa-bag (usually we would carry them in-hands).
With all of above they weren't scared or confused as soon they recognized familiar and tempting smell of their food. It was gone in about 3 minutes, just as long as it took me to shoot this video.
Today's goal was achived and transition to big playground went totally smooth. next time they are going there together with Mom and will learn even more.

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