Monday, July 14, 2014

Bobby's litter etc.

Hi to all! We still have some severe weather issues here off and on...

Some surrounding properties got very significant damage due to the violent winds.
However we are fine, dogs are fine, everything is still on schedule and at case if we will loose power again... or whatever and You can not reach of on computer and or house-phone. No worry. We going to keep all our puppy pick up appointments for this week' Thursday and Friday. Please try to be close to scheduled time.

Thank You!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Limited communication alert!

Guys, we got another ""extreme bad weather " kind of event and out of power. Communication is limited, otherwise everybody is fine. We running on generator and PPL suppose to restore us back to norm sometime before August. For real! They positive about it, just waiting for few more crews out of State to do their job. There is a slight chance we can get power back today... But regardless, if You heard bad news about the region and wander on how we are - we are fine. But may have issues with communications.