Monday, August 18, 2014

Tutta X Roy 2014 litter update.

Momma "Tutta" lately  is VERY pleased with herself and with us,
because now she proudly got some extension to her apartment (as her children grew).
She is truly enjoying a comfort of bigger place and does wonderful job
paper-training her puppies and keeping their sleeping area impeccable.

Who say "Dogs do not smile?!"
Whoever does, this person is dead-wrong!

Tutta is great in supervising of first steps of her little ones.

But of course favorite time for everybody is siesta... after good meal!

 Well, now about Daddy - "Roy"...
As any "Daddy" most of the time if You look around puppies area -
he will be nowhere to be found! (Nothing new here).
In fact he is having good time exploring Great Outdoors
together with his young companion Lusha.

They both love those forest trails, but it is a bit too hot...
especially for Roy, whose coat need to be stripped sometime soon.

But I like him with his long coat!... He is very handsome.
No wander - so are his kids!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer litters.

Litter out of Tutta  (Shazzam Of Oz Tutta La Vita) by Roy (Shazzam Of Oz Triple Crown).

 Above - "Tutta" (by CH Cholet's Tuff I'Nuff X Shazzam of Oz Moonlight Lullaby)

Above - ""Roy" (by CH Shazzam Of Oz Whatever X Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty)

Puppies - left S/P boy, right - 3 B/S girls.
About 3 weeks old now.

Litter out of Ziva (Shazzam Of Oz Exclusive) by Timmy (Mtn High's Once Upon A Time)

 Above - "Ziva" (by CH Shazzam Of Oz Whatever X CH Shazzam Of Oz Arabian Night)

Above - "Timmy"
(by CAN CH Mountain High's Adventurous Spryt X CAN CH Mtn. High's Running Springs)

Puppies - second from the left black boy, surrounding by B/S females.
About 2 weeks old now.


Litter out of Lacy (Shazzam Of Oz All That L'Ace) by Timmy (Mtn High's Once Upon A Time)

Those little guys are just carbon copy of each other, only week old,
more information about this litter will be posted at later time.
Their Mom, Lacy, is full sister/litter-mate of two of our Champions
"Vanya" and "Sammy".

Sunday, August 10, 2014

More on dog show weekend!

Yes, I know, I know: "But what about those puppies?!"
Believe me I hear those questions very often, but taking a cute pictures of precious puppies is not the only thing we enjoy doing here... Puppies updates are coming up this week, mean while there is a bit more on a fun with dog shows.

This is a first weekend, when we took out our baby-girl "Awwa" (Shazzam of Oz Awesome News) to try herself in show ring... Saturday we just did a practice run, but Sunday went for the real thing...
Not to mention the fact that Sunday morning I had to help our dear friend Karen with showing of her Australian Cattle Dogs and Sunday evening - brought some more of our young dogs to the show grounds for training purposes... Much work.

Long story short - Cattle Dogs did great and made us with Karen very happy.
When at afternoon it was Awwa's turn, I was smiling.... She performed really well for the first time out and got Reserve Winner Bitch and bunch of ribbons.
Needless to mention - she was only one to be shown by owner-handler and not by professional one... love You baby-girl, can only hope You will continue as well, as you just started!

OK... and here is a "cute puppy"!
Sorry, NOT available. As soon she is ready to go home little Kenzo 
travel to NJ and make company to her oldest "sister" Prada
in their forever loving home...
Congratulations to  Brigita and her family!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dog show weekend!

After many years (about 10) back to show ring with own dog...
Sort of as riding bike, if You done it before, it never goes away.
I think she likes it. Maybe tomorrow will take her out to compete..
We will see, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Capitan Jupiter and others...

Well, well well!... July was an interesting month here... Some puppies went home, some puppies just were born. Our beautiful baby-girl Lusha when to the training school and getting A+ grades regardless of fact that all we do with her - just having much fun and not being that particular (or having time) to do the homework.
It it would be all what is going on here in Duncannon, it will be easy.. But Jim and I went for 10 days long painting trip to Vermont where I got to work one more time with my all-times favorite art teacher Richard McKinley. If you have a time - Google him and look up some of his paintings... Those are amazing!..
If I'm spending my time learning, at list I'm going to learn from the very best.

Yes, this is my easel sitting out there with some unfinished work...
It was great time.. Feel very fortunate to be able to attend this event.
but of course... even more was to come yet!
After I was finished with painting session, Jim and I went to visit
one of our "babies" and his family in Massachusetts.
We had amazing time there and I want to Thank You all 3 of our wonderful hosts -
Ken, Lida and Jupiter for making our stay so memorable...
of course the ONLY inconvenient part was... we were warned that 
we will absolutely HAVE to catch our own food, or go hungry!...
It turned out to be not that hard!

Capitan Jupiter (known in marina as "Jupe")
took us out on his beautiful boat to catch some clamps and fish...
Clamps were HUGE, but fish got lucky with us..
the only one we really saw was on a monitor of the fish-finder.

To return the favor we had to play some ball with Jupiter..
What he truly enjoyed !...

Naturally, Jupiter and his family took us to see many beautiful places around...
No wander - they live in very beautiful area.

 Now when I;'m back, I'm totally going to paint some of those beautiful scenes....
Naturally AFTER Ira and I will be done with daily routine of taking care of our dogs
and newly arrived puppies!

Yes, I know, this is something what some of You really want to hear about... those puppies!..
But I will make You wait another day or two, before doing another post.
Please give me some extra time... It is really much to do here after being 10 days away.
It is always much work but never boring here...