Monday, August 18, 2014

Tutta X Roy 2014 litter update.

Momma "Tutta" lately  is VERY pleased with herself and with us,
because now she proudly got some extension to her apartment (as her children grew).
She is truly enjoying a comfort of bigger place and does wonderful job
paper-training her puppies and keeping their sleeping area impeccable.

Who say "Dogs do not smile?!"
Whoever does, this person is dead-wrong!

Tutta is great in supervising of first steps of her little ones.

But of course favorite time for everybody is siesta... after good meal!

 Well, now about Daddy - "Roy"...
As any "Daddy" most of the time if You look around puppies area -
he will be nowhere to be found! (Nothing new here).
In fact he is having good time exploring Great Outdoors
together with his young companion Lusha.

They both love those forest trails, but it is a bit too hot...
especially for Roy, whose coat need to be stripped sometime soon.

But I like him with his long coat!... He is very handsome.
No wander - so are his kids!

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