Friday, July 27, 2012

Beauty's babies 2012!

Finally Beauty's babies got their eyes wide open and we can show them off a little.
Above and below - two black girls.

Above - 3 Black/Silver girls. All looking very nice.

And finally their ONLY brother. Good looking and smart.
Always looking for Mommy and know where find his milk. I love him a lot...
 perhaps just because he is an only boy in this litter...

Lacya's puppies month old.

Lacya's pups are growing, but not changing that much yet... not at our opinion anyway because we see them every day all day long... perhaps for You guys they do look very different from previous photos we have posted here. They started playing, but not that much and quickly getting tired unless it is something what involves their FOOD. They do not get tired of that for sure.
 Thry weren't very impressed with Irina dragging them out of their nest and 
convincing to be "good doggies for pictures."
But regardless of their opinion of this photo-shoot, they all just that cute that my job was easy.
So...  here they are! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lacya's "trio" is growing!

Not much to say about their personalities yet, but aren't they beautiful puppies?!.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beauty's puppies.

And of course while Vanya did his "show off" thing in NY, little Beauty decided it is right time
 and went ahead with delivery of beauty-full litter of 6 vigorous puppies.
Like usually she has some blacks and even more of black/silver ones.
Most of them are spoken for before they were even born.
Oh, yes!... Teddy is a proud Daddy. Again!

More to follow, stay tuned!...

News and more news!..

This Saturday Shazzam Of Oz Whatever, AKA "Vanya" finished his show season with the big bung!
He went  1/W/B/BW/G1, what basically on the language of dog shows mean - best dog in his breed and best of all terriers in this show (terrier group 1). What is a huge win for any terrier and especially for miniature schnauzers, what never were 100% terriers to start from...
Vanya's show run was short and brilliant. he managed to get finished in one coat
 and took 5 major wins one after another.

To make things even better I have to mention another fact...
Vanya's daughter out of his first litter CH Camron's Sittin Pretty, AKA “Jade” 
bred by Carol Meitzler and owned by Donna Hafen
got finished at the same time with Vanya in only two short weekends
by winning of 5 majors, just like her Daddy!
Pictured above - "Vanya" on the left and "Jade" on the right.
What makes this beautiful boy not only a Champion, but Champion producer as well.

And of course do not forget about "Vanya's" mom - "Lulu".
Now she is is a proud Mom of 3 AKC Champions:

CH Camron's Let Freedom Ring "Ringer"
CH Shazzam Of Oz Something Else "Sammy"
and lastly
CH Shazzam Of Oz Whatever - "Vanya"

What makes Lulu our first Top Producing bitch, what is the huge honor
for any breeder.
I do not think it does get any better, then that.

Thank You to our friends Carol and Ron Meitzler for all they have done to make this happen!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lacya's litter etc.

Last month was busy in the Myers's household. Good news - we had a beautiful litter of puppies from Lacya and Timmy. Bad news - one of our horses was in need of medical treatment, therefore I had no spare time for anything... but work. No blogging, no painting, many other things went BTW too..
But after all horse is fine and now I have time for some updates on puppies ad also started working on new painting for upcoming show season.
So... here they are - brand new Lacya's litter. Enjoy!
(And I better go wash dogs bowls and put everybody to eat.
 Schnauzers are hinting about starvation.)