Tuesday, June 27, 2017

 This evening Jim, Irina and I went out all together in attempt
to do photoshoot of sunset and clouds...
I was carrying this idea for a week or nearly so...
Clouds were spectacular and I wanted to take my chance
to paint it at later time...
Meanwhile I wanted my camera and my memory to capture it.
Naturally we couldn't just take a camera only...
 we took few dogs as well.

 This time Misty and Lusha participated in our outing..
Evening was spectacular, with very warm light,
which turned dog's coat warm-orange.
Of course with some help of modern magic of Photoshop
I adjusted it somewhat...

 Misty was getting ready for another upcoming outdoor show cluster
and could use some "grass time".
Lusha just wouldn't get over the fact, if Misty would go, but she would have to stay.
Not safe, not safe.

 Here is Misty... full of herself and posing for camera..
Wish us some luck with her shows next month!

... and here is Lusha... just hanging around...
she knows all about those shows, not a big deal really!...

It was a beautiful day. Tomorrow will be another one.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Pool Party!

Today on the back yard we had some fun with some of our dogs...
Mostly with puppies.
For the first time we introduced them to pool with water
and to make this experience happy, added some toys to the mix!

Can You say "FUN"?!.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rosie and puppies playing in the kennel.

Today is the hottest day of the year...
Regardless - we took Gigi's little guys to play outside.
Of course in the shady area.
Rosie wanted to participate, but not this time.
Still - they clearly had fun with each other.
She is looking very big compare to the little ones,
but  do not forget -she is a puppy too.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Manya and Tory... soon to be show dogs!

 Only month ago "puppy-puppy", Manya will be 5 months old in a week
and dramatically changed her looks.
She and her sister Tory both are also dramatically changing
their baby-teeth and we really have to watch out!

 Every time they finding something it goes strait to their mouth!
Of course not to say that adult dogs not giving them the same idea.
Below: two little butts on the left - Manya and Tory.
Substantial butt the right - Lusha.

 Girls are looking like teenagers now. Tory got those long legs!

 Of course there are constant arguments about "whose?.."

 Sometimes even Lusha participating.
But she is getting tired of chasing toys quickly and
pups are having great time with each other...
Their treasures are safe!

 Run, girls, run!
Very soon You will be trotting in a show ring.
But till then... just play away!
It is summer!

Gigi's litter, 6 weeks.

 Gigi's little guys are 6 weeks old now and (weather permitted)
we trying to introduce them to Big Outdoors.
Today was a very good day to play outside, therefore we did.
Much play, much fun. To make whole experience safe,
we did it at the time when adults dogs are having their lunch.

 Manya and Tory, who are almost 5 months old right now
were allover to interact with puppies, but only across of the fence.
Main concern was - possible arguments over toys!

 And last, but not least - everybody's favorite red wagon.

New Castle show cluster.

Last week Jim and I went for our longest-ever show cluster
at New Castle, PA.
Weather was challenging, we also had serious equipment malfunction 
on show grounds and our RV had good chance to burn down.
 Fortunately we ended up only with some roof damage
and nobody got hurt.
This is the most important part.
Regardless of all issues we put 3 more Majors on Lusha - 
GCH Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution,
what brings her to total of 60 points toward her
GR. Champion Bronze Level.
Taking few weeks of break now.
No shows... Taking care of puppies, grooming etc.
There is always more to do here with dogs then anybody could think
(including even my dear husband,
God Bless his Soul!).
Currently Jim is on RV fixing quest.
I'm getting group of young dogs ready for summer show season
and trying to catch up on many other things...
Including computer stuff.
Stay tuned. I hope to post more in a few days.

Goodbye, Basya!...

This week we finally had to let go our beautiful Basya 
(Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty)
amazing old girl, " Sergeant" of the house,
who always knew what is right (Basya's way) and what is wrong.
No one of young dogs were even picking at her, as she was 
"Thee Order".
Yesterday she joined her mother Casya 
(Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra)
on Rainbow Bridge.
May You run free, play hard and be young and beautiful again,
how we want to remember You both!

Above - "Basya" - Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty,
Philadelphia show cluster.

Below - "Casya" - Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra,
Harrisburg show cluster.

Loved and never forgotten!