Tuesday, June 27, 2017

 This evening Jim, Irina and I went out all together in attempt
to do photoshoot of sunset and clouds...
I was carrying this idea for a week or nearly so...
Clouds were spectacular and I wanted to take my chance
to paint it at later time...
Meanwhile I wanted my camera and my memory to capture it.
Naturally we couldn't just take a camera only...
 we took few dogs as well.

 This time Misty and Lusha participated in our outing..
Evening was spectacular, with very warm light,
which turned dog's coat warm-orange.
Of course with some help of modern magic of Photoshop
I adjusted it somewhat...

 Misty was getting ready for another upcoming outdoor show cluster
and could use some "grass time".
Lusha just wouldn't get over the fact, if Misty would go, but she would have to stay.
Not safe, not safe.

 Here is Misty... full of herself and posing for camera..
Wish us some luck with her shows next month!

... and here is Lusha... just hanging around...
she knows all about those shows, not a big deal really!...

It was a beautiful day. Tomorrow will be another one.

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