Friday, June 2, 2017

Manya and Tory... soon to be show dogs!

 Only month ago "puppy-puppy", Manya will be 5 months old in a week
and dramatically changed her looks.
She and her sister Tory both are also dramatically changing
their baby-teeth and we really have to watch out!

 Every time they finding something it goes strait to their mouth!
Of course not to say that adult dogs not giving them the same idea.
Below: two little butts on the left - Manya and Tory.
Substantial butt the right - Lusha.

 Girls are looking like teenagers now. Tory got those long legs!

 Of course there are constant arguments about "whose?.."

 Sometimes even Lusha participating.
But she is getting tired of chasing toys quickly and
pups are having great time with each other...
Their treasures are safe!

 Run, girls, run!
Very soon You will be trotting in a show ring.
But till then... just play away!
It is summer!

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