Friday, June 2, 2017

Goodbye, Basya!...

This week we finally had to let go our beautiful Basya 
(Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty)
amazing old girl, " Sergeant" of the house,
who always knew what is right (Basya's way) and what is wrong.
No one of young dogs were even picking at her, as she was 
"Thee Order".
Yesterday she joined her mother Casya 
(Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra)
on Rainbow Bridge.
May You run free, play hard and be young and beautiful again,
how we want to remember You both!

Above - "Basya" - Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty,
Philadelphia show cluster.

Below - "Casya" - Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra,
Harrisburg show cluster.

Loved and never forgotten!

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