Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sammy's puppies two weeks old.

With some latest events we again slightly behind on our blogging process...
Unfortunately this time little puppy-girl didn't make it. But good news are - all 4 of her litter-mates
are doing great and growing big and strong. I love them all!
We took a lot of great photos right after they open their eyes, but i didn't post it here... so I do it now.
Above: they just ate and now I'm rudely interrupting their nap! 

 Above: two "dark boys". I'm pretty sure we going to keep one to replace his Daddy-Teddy
in our future breeding program. No, we didn't make our choice yet, it is too early.

 Above:Big "bright boy". Just beautiful!

Above: little princess, what already look like her mom Sammy!

So much for today, but stay tuned... more to follow!