Friday, August 4, 2017

Lunch out!

Pippa's (on front) and Yana's (behind) puppies
having their lunch outdoors
(to the complete envy of starving adult dogs.)
Feeding puppies outside makes them use to new place faster and easier...
Food always makes things good, doesn't it?!..

Thursday, August 3, 2017

August is here!

... and we are so behind with any updates!...
You may guess the right reason - much was going on here, in Pa.

Our beautiful Gigi went out for her first ever Agility Tests...
She passed brilliantly both ACT1 and ACT2 level
and was awarded with ribbons and of course cookies!...
She appreciated her cookies better...

Here she is!... Trying to grab it from my hand,
while Ira is trying to take our picture!

Meanwhile Lusha...
Received both of her agility certificates what made her eligible
for AMSC Versatility award!

This is our sample advertisement page for Schnauzer Shorts -
the ONLY publication for our breed.
This one will go to the working schnauzers issue.

We also went at two conformation show clusters... First one was outdoors...
( I LOVE my dog-show camping part!)

Second one was indoors. And on very first day of it Lusha 
went Best Of Opposite Sex (BOS), two next days she got Select...
All 3 days we got majors on her.

 Enchanter was back to the ring too,
and was Reserve Winner Dog 3 days out of 4.

 Bloomsburg show cluster was a great fun and
was looking like schnauzers specialty...
We had a great gang of great people there!

 Spa time for the doggies after their show day!
Oh... Much work, really!

 Day after Bloomsburg show Chant and Gigi went to Bella Vista 
training center
and passed their CGC test!
More ribbons!

At the same time at home Yana and Pippa were busy raising babies...
OK, it will be whole separate post about those babies and very soon...
But so far here is a Pippa with hers..
Enjoying family time!

... and those were our latest news and updates!
Stay tuned for more!