Sunday, July 17, 2016

Little Red Vagon...

Kenya's girls are 5 weeks old by now and every morning
(so far it is not peak of heat)
they go for the walk on our back yard.
They are very cautious about those walks yet, but starting to like it.
In a few days their "follow me" instinct will kick in
and they will start following their Mom (human or dog) any places she goes. 
What will make things easier and walks - longer and more entertaining.
So far our morning "outings" are being a simple introduction
 to the BIG "whatever-is-out-there".
Photo above is from our yesterday' "outing"

Monday, July 11, 2016

"I do not do morning!..." or "More adventures with Rally-O".

I can clearly say: "Our Lusha is really NOT a morning dog."
In fact two things what she likes the most in her life is to sleep 
(preferably with her human Mom) and to eat.
Therefore every time we have a morning trial, we starting to wander....
IS Thee Queen awake enough?
Will be her Majesty up to THAT?...
"That" is whatever we need her to do.
In fact sometimes it is getting very dramatic and humans
have to be sneaking around and whispering to each other:
"Be quiet! Lusha is still sleeping!"

On other hand Gigi, Lusha's cousin, is a simple girl.
She is always ready to play, especially if treats are involved.
On a first weekend of July both girls went with Irina
on Rally trial. For Gigi it was her first one and she managed
to get two Q's (Qualification scores) at Rally Novice.
Quinn woke up on her good side and not only got two Qs,
 but also won first  place in Rally Excellent.
Good sleep matters!

5 sisters! ( Kenya and Timmy liter). 4 weeks old.

 Last 3 weeks I spend at some place beautiful, but other then my home...
It was long-planned and much waited trip to South of France.
Of course I was daily in touch with family and (thank You to moder technology!)
even had a way to see everybody, including my dogs.
I also had opportunity to see those little beauties growing,
and when I finally came back home home I had a feeling like I never left a house,
but just had a wonderful dream.
Oh well, that was time for art, now it is time for my dogs
and I love both.

Kenya's little girls turned out to be exclusively independent
and quickly developing. They were only 4 weeks, but already started acting
as "dogs". Getting places, investigating their involvement,
exploring things in their surrounding
(under supervision of course!)
On picture above - Jumani (front), Rita and Mae.

Above - Rita. She got her Daddy's face!

Left to right - Jumani and Mae.

 Gretchen. looking like her Mom, but a bit lighter.

Mae. Totally adorable!

Ghita. She is probably my personal favorite...
If I can make any favorites here!

And one more shot of Rita and Jumani.
Love them all!