Monday, July 11, 2016

5 sisters! ( Kenya and Timmy liter). 4 weeks old.

 Last 3 weeks I spend at some place beautiful, but other then my home...
It was long-planned and much waited trip to South of France.
Of course I was daily in touch with family and (thank You to moder technology!)
even had a way to see everybody, including my dogs.
I also had opportunity to see those little beauties growing,
and when I finally came back home home I had a feeling like I never left a house,
but just had a wonderful dream.
Oh well, that was time for art, now it is time for my dogs
and I love both.

Kenya's little girls turned out to be exclusively independent
and quickly developing. They were only 4 weeks, but already started acting
as "dogs". Getting places, investigating their involvement,
exploring things in their surrounding
(under supervision of course!)
On picture above - Jumani (front), Rita and Mae.

Above - Rita. She got her Daddy's face!

Left to right - Jumani and Mae.

 Gretchen. looking like her Mom, but a bit lighter.

Mae. Totally adorable!

Ghita. She is probably my personal favorite...
If I can make any favorites here!

And one more shot of Rita and Jumani.
Love them all!

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