Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 updates and news... Chapter III. Josie and others.

Surely enough on my return back to homeland I got bored
and decided to try something new... sort of.
Basically I strted working on more dog sculptures
what I used to do before, but this time - in ceramics.
It was totally new medium for me, I wasn't in a hurry.
Meanwhile Post Office was delivering more and more mail for our dogs.

It was bunch of certificates earned at the end of last year, but 
printed and delivered at beginning of 2018.
Out of all of above I was looking forward to last one -
Rally Advanced Title for Enchanter - AKA "Chant"
What made him a qualifier for American Miniature Schnauzer Club Versatility Award.

Chant's daughter Josie (Shazzam Of Oz Josefina)
was going to become my "Show Diva of the year".
We started easy with just one show in January...
What she won.

We got her Winner, BOS, BOBOH.
What a way to start new year!

Meanwhile first dogs came out of my kiln...
I found myself totally in love with this new project!

We had to get our own portable kiln
and soon we did just that... be continued.....

2018 updates and news... Chapter II. Awwa and Fly.

It was still January...
And it was so much for our with Lusha road to Westminster.
She was entered, but now we knew she is not going.
What about Awwa?

What about me? I'm going to be bred too, right?
Who can say "No"? When it is her time and when
I have perfect match for her what will not be around for long...
But currently just happened to visit some old friends here,
on East Coast...
(Normally "Fly" resides all the way up to Western Canada).
He also happened to be the Sire of Pilot, with whom Lusha was bred
and one of the legends in our breed.
I made it back to PA and started setting things up to make sure
that my dear Awwa will meet her perfect mate -
Minutemen All About Flyfishing.
If this breeding will take place, it would be third litter for Awwa
and first one after she finished her Championship.

Long story short - I arranged the meeting for the stud service,
booked hotel and Jim, I and Awwa went to Carolina...
Where I had to rent Jim out as handy man to keep him busy,
meanwhile I did some more drawing, as frankly I had nowhere to go
and mostly stayed with Awwa in our hotel room.

Somehow it turned out - I'm sketching schnauzers!

Awwa and Fly really liked each other...
It was time to get on a road and get back to PA...

...To be continued....

2018 updates and news... Chapter I. Lusha and Pilot.

Blog is not dead, neither are we... but so much was going on lately,
I simply had no time to spend on computer putting all of it together.
Those of You who follow our Facebook or Instagram accounts knows more,
but I'll try to summarize things what went down at "shazzam's" during last few months.
Mid-January my "Diva" - Lusha told us this is her time to think about those puppies.
Weather was awful and weathermen were talking about Storm of  Century
what is about to paralyze East Coast.
record low temperatures, ice everywhere etc...
Naturally Lusha's perspective spouse "Pilot"
(otherwise knows as Minuteman Up With The Birds)
was having good time at sunny FL
 and here I was... in PA. With my girl. And it was her time.
Getting to FL was a trick. Getting there on time - nearly impossible.
Yet, my dearest friend, my faithful painting buddy and owner of two "Shazzam's babies"
Claire, offered a solution.
From the midst of West Virginia, her, I and Lusha
were supposed to fly ahead of the storm and hopefully get to FL on time
to have my girl bred.
It was one step short of miracle, but somehow we managed.
Naturally to say we traveled in style,
because Lusha wouldn't settle for anything lesser...

Long story short - it was nothing easy, but we all made it.
Met old friends, made new ones.

 I even got some time to paint!
hey!... why not?!

Naturally Mrs Pilot had to supervise my painting process.

It was great! Everything worked out, or it was looking like that.
Now I'm up to the easy part- get back home and wait for babies...
While down in FL I received the phone call from cold PA.
Lusha's sister Awwa just informed me, she wants to have babies too
and she is ready NOW.
Her mate was in Carolinas, I was in FL and Awwa naturally in PA...
Now what do we do?

To be continued.....

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Last agility event of the year.

December 27-28 will be our last agility trial of the year.
Lusha and Gigi both entered for both days.
We hope to get some more Qs in standard agility.
Lusha was entered for two runs in Open class and Gigi in Novice.
After day one, we got another Q on Lusha
with another clean run and perfect score of 100.
Gigi on other hand was testing my patience
and entertaining crowd.
We have one more attempt with each of dogs
tomorrow and whatever goes down, but it will be Thee Last
agility test for the year 2017.
Wish as much luck!
If no luck, oh well... it will be another year!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Della X Chant babies.

 On November 30 we had our last for 2017 litter born.
First one for Your young black beauty - Della
and first one for Enchanter (Chant) after he officially became
American Champion.
3 baby-girls, one solid Black and two Black/Silvers.
Sorry, nobody is available.
Enjoy our end of the year photo-shoot with puppies.
Above - "Lucy".
next below - "Lexie" and then their little sister "Leda".


Sunday, December 3, 2017

October /November 2017 news and updates.

We had a lot of going on in October... 
Let start from the simple fact - first week of this month
was a week of our National Specialty conformation show
and performance events and our dogs participated at both!

I'll try to compact everything what happened and keep long story short.

Lusha got 2 Qs in Open Jumpers class
(2 at Montgomery trials and last one- soon after)
and got her Jumpers Open Title.
Gigi got her Novice title in Jumpers and first Q in Standard.

We got some professional pictures of Lusha
running at Montgomery trials, she was all about it!

Soon after Lusha finished her journey to next level
of conformation achievement and now she is officially recorded
GR Champion Bronze!
(Pictured below)

Lusha's older sister Awwa
(Shazzam Of Oz Awesom News) also did great, 
won her last major and complied requirements for AKC
Champion Title!
Go Awwa!

Lusha's youngest sister, Josie
(Shazzam Of Oz Josefina)
won several shows and now has 5 points
toward her Championship.

Meanwhile our Dora...
(Not to forget none-schnauzer!)
went to National Dog Show at Oaks PA
and won her second 4 points major!
Dora is only 2 points away from becoming AKC Champion!

Several dogs went to try themselves at Barn Hunt trials...
Now we have Gigi completed her Instinct Title.
Lusha completed Instinct and has 2 Qs toward her Novice Title.
Chant got his instinct and his Novice Title at Barn Hunt!

And naturally while Lusha, Chant, Awwa, Josie, Dora and Gigi did all of above,
our Tutta raised litter of beautiful puppies and was a perfect Mom!

.... and this is WHY I had no time for blogging...
Sorry, I'll try to do it better next time!...

Friday, September 29, 2017

What about those puppies?...

Our fall litters are here!
Above- beautiful singleton solid black puppy-girl from Elly and Gosha.
3 weeks old. Outstanding. 

Below - litter from Kenya and Blue.  Salt/Pepper puppies.
2 weeks old. Just the same outstanding.

Our last for 2017 litter is still in waiting...
 we expect few more Black/Silver puppies
and day now...