Sunday, June 28, 2015

Awwa's debut!

 Well, well, well!... This night our beautiful Awwa
presented us with with easy delivery of two 
gorgeous puppies. Better yet- being first time Mom
 she turned to be fast learner and immediately
figured out all about kids and their care...
Thank You, Awwa!

I hardly can believe it, but now we have Bea's grandkids!

We also have a stay-in guest, who will be with us for some more time.
Her name is Lulu and she is a doll!
She also got to like Jim's recliner... too bad she still can't figure out how to
operate remote, but otherwise she is enjoying it!

 Above - two pictures of Awwa's little girl.
On this photo about 12 hours old. Below - Awwa's boy.
They are just precious and will be spoiled-rotten!
We didn't have puppies for a while, so those two are 
going to be in the center of everybody's attention!

More posts will be coming.. Stay tuned, guys!

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