Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bobby and Beauty's kids are two weeks old!

Time is flying fast. We are getting a lot of funny pictures, but not much time to post it all. However... because we know you all are waiting for those updates, here is a mos urgent news - little guys have their eye open! And now not only we can see them, but they can see us as well...

Casya, our matriarch schnauzer  is laying on a new piece of doggy furniture, right beside of pen with Bobby's puppies. She is making sure about Law and Order and doesn't let youngsters to play too intensively around puppy-nestles. Something spotted behind Casya is our old Fox Terrier - Dora. Cuddling in her favorite plush blanket and doesn't care who is up to what.

Black boy from Beauty. Obviously.  Because he is black.

 Two black girls. Naturally also from Beauty.

  3 Black/Silver girls... not so obviously, but still from Beauty...

And guess what?... Two Black/Silver boys... and also from Beauty!
Sometimes we can not believe we have 8 puppies in her litter, but... we do!

And those 4 gangsters are Bobby's boys. All Black/Silver, just like their Mom.

... And two beautiful Black/Silver ladies... also from Bobby.
One of them will be called "Katy". Can not tell witch one yet, 
but she is very much loved by her family. 

And this is all for this late time....

To be continued! 

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