Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shazzam Of Oz Something Else "Sammy" goes back to show circles!

This morning I got a very familiar e-mail from my dear friend and handler, Carol, stating then an hour later my dog need to be entered at her first spring show cluster.... I spend about 20 minutes jumping from one show site to another and Boom - done - she is entered for her first show weekend.
We will keep our fingers crossed for her. Sammy is in need of one more major to have her Title of American Champion and then she may go back to Mom be a spoiled brat and hopefully 
have some beautiful babies later on this season.
Good luck, Sammy and Carol!
(for those who is not aware who Sammy is - she is a litter-mate to Vanya, a proud Dad of Basya's litter)

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