Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bea's pups are month old.

 Bea's three (I just can't call them "little guys", they are anything, but "little"!)
are just turned to be month old. Even they are only few days older then Gina's,
they already acting different. We had to extend their area twice and they
quickly realized what newspapers are good for...
I'm leaving it to Your imagination, but I'm personally totally agree with puppies
about that subject...
Not only they learned about newspapers, but also they made new discovery.
There is a FOOD in Mommy's bowl!
Now they know.
(Therefore it is about time to start feed Bea separately from her puppies!)

 This one just made it to "newspaper area" and now not sure -
should she take more effort and get to the comfortable box for napping, or...
just hung out there?...

Those two... clear choice! Comfortable nap it be!
Oh... troublesome litter... I love them all, I want them all. 

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