Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hold on, guys, updates are coming!

I was suppose to put up some brand-new puppy videos this weekend...
Guess what? Didn't happen, my computer had to be occupied
for another important purpose. Good thing is - I actually have my video-footage.
All I need - just load everything in this machine,
edit it, sent it to Y-tube
wait till Y-tube process everything
and then nice and easy link it to this blog...
here is a picture of mommy Sophie for You.
Beginning of this weekend we re-configuration our puppy areas 
(love this stuff, it is just like playing with Lego),
little guys got more play-room and played them-selfs to dog-tired stage.
Then... Mommies had to clean up all their toys (sounds familiar, does it?)
Sophie was particularly going after all those ducks.
I'm not sure what was her issue with ducks, but this is what she did.
She brought a lot of smiles on our faces!...
Otherwise... stay tuned, video is coming next. Not sure I can finish it today, sorry.

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