Friday, September 30, 2016

Fun and Games!...

This summer I'm awfully behind of my blogging just because
we are awfully went ahead with those shows.
We even bough our first very own Gypsy's-wagon
to be able to go places and stay places
instead of dealing with motels... Of course this is not real gypsy thing,
but next best to it - small RV trailer.
Next best thing - Jim started help me with showing dogs
and in fact does it very well.
Sooooo.... our favorite girl "Lusha" -
Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution (pictures above) not only became
AKC Champion, but also on a way to finish her Grand Champion Title.
You go, Lusha!

She is also trying herself in Agility and compete at Rally.

Lusha mean business. Always.
This model wasn't equipped with sense of humor.

Lusha's oldest sister, "Awwa" 
(Shazzam Of Oz Awesome News)
keeping up with her little sister and only few point short
of getting new Champion title.

Do You remember this photo?... Awwa on the left, Gigi on the right!
yes, there is aways Gigi. Our wonderful goofy Gigi, 
who can make the most funny faces and always needs her morning hug!
Gigi started picking up her show pace too and now AKC pointed.

Here she is! Love this girl.

And of course the evils sisters - Misty and Twisty... I mean Nita.
Debuted in August show in puppy class, got few Reserves
and soon after Misty went Winner Bitch and took Group First
in Best in Show Puppy competition.
Here is picture of Jim with Misty!... They were great that day!...

Then of course there is CHANT!..

Chant, Chanty, Enchanter...
Our favorite love bug, goof-ball, lover boy.
He went out and collected all his singles
and now will be back at spring for the big stuff.

... and lastly our new addition to the show crew 
with everybody favorite grooming version!...
Please welcome DORA!

No, she is not a schnauzer. But she is great!

Dora is our Mexican Hairless puppy who debuted
at her first show this September and picked up first 3 points 
at her very first show weekend...
Not without much help from our friends.
Xolo and Schnauzer rings had some timing conflicts
and naturally we couldn't have been at both places at once.

Now I think I didn't forget anybody...
 Stay tuned, the show season is not yet over!

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