Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lusha gets her first Agility Q !

I suppose one more end-of-the year brag...
This Wednesday we went for our last in 2016
Agility Trial at Bella Vista training facility...
I love that place, I really do. Yes, perhaps few things are not perfect,
but it is great place to work with Your dog and I like the people who run it.
Guys are working hard to make it better and
every year there is something "new and improved".
It is just a bit too far for us to go for any classes, but close enough to go for trials.
This time we signed up for two days and were suppose to run twice, but oops!...
That time of the year when You never know
if You can make it out of own house in the morning.
And today we didn't - everything was covered in ice...
However yesterday we did and it went perfect.
Lusha run her Jumper with Weavers Novice preferred just like a pro.
I'm so proud of her.
She got second placement in a class, highest possible score of 100
 and went 20 seconds faster then time allowed for her category.
She is amazing!
This is our first Q in Agility with our first dog we took out.
She will need two more legs for her first title and 
we are going after that accomplishment at spring.
Roads are iffy now and signing up for trials is wasting of money.
Plus we all can use this little vacation from all that show commotion...
So far we two were running, sneaky Ira did a video of it,
therefore now You can enjoy... here it is!

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