Sunday, August 16, 2015

One more day of Rally.

 One more day of Rally with Lusha and Roy and it was a looong day!...
We had two tests - one on the morning and another one - at afternoon...
with about 4 hours of waiting time in-between.
We got lost somewhere in constructions and almost missed the beginning,
but still somehow managed to make it and got from the car right to the ring...
And ended up with passing grades and green ribbons!
On afternoon things went more smooth.

York County Dog Training Club, Rally-O trial at Red Lion.
With our friend/mentor Pat Fallon (Left) and Judge Ms. Roberta Horner (Right).

We got two more green ribbons (what mean passing score)
 and Roy got Forth place in his class (to my total surprise I have to admit).
So he was awarded a beautiful rosette too, and some cookies... And they got new toys too.

 While we had such a wonderful time, Jim was the one who did all the hard job at home.
He also passed the test and got so excited about the fact that went on a shopping spree
right from his computer screen... No green ribbons for that, dear Jim!

 Speaking of "shopping spree"...
As it was AM-PM kind of trial, and we have to stay at show ground whole day,
 we got those new beautiful folding cages... Finally!
I was waiting with this step for a long time,
but finally we simply had no choice, but go and get those....
It was very rewarding experience... both dogs LOVED those
and so do we. easy to set up, easy to take down... no more then 5 min. for two.
I'm very impressed...
And so is Lusha, judging by her looks.
She had great afternoon nap there. Good for her!
Our next Rally trial will be at the end of September...
Mean while we going to do some more conformation shows.

Lusha says: "Stay tuned"!

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