Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend of ribbons. Day 2.

Second day on show grounds was even better then first.
Lusha got second placement in owner-handled terrier Group.
Judges really likes her, but more then anything I was happy with the fact
that she started to understand rules of show game and plaid with me well.
I knew that look she was giving me periodically:"Am I doing everything right?"
After watching her at owner/handler Group we with Irina decided to give her a try
in a Terrier Group with all the professionals...
Even she didn't get placement there, she performed well
and I think she even  enjoyed it.
She is this way : always likes to know when she is doing what she was asked
and does it right. What a dog!
Even Chant started to understand something more then
"We are just walking on circles here".
Now those two will have two weeks long brake before we go to another show...
Brakes are nice and I need to work on my painting too...

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