Sunday, March 15, 2015

Busy week/weekend with Wookies.

And once again I wasn't posted for a while... just was too busy. Snow is finally gone
(OK, not all snow, but most of it) and in our case it mean only one thing - much of outdoors cleaning
and steep start on spring grooming session of our  "Wookies".
This is how schnauzer in full coat after winter is look like... You probably
will not recognize who is who under all that coat. I'm going to make You guess...
Any good guessing could be posted in comments!
BTW, today we had a road trip with 3 of them to York show grounds.
Naturally nobody can be shown like that, but they all still OK to go
for their eye clinic. Everybody passed the test, eyes are perfect!
I'm slightly envious, as I think I do need computer glasses and need to see my doctor
sometime in close proximity about those...
Well, new week just started... time to get out and fix that computer of mine.
Maybe then we will have more going on with this blog and web site has to be updated too...
Stay tuned!

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