Monday, March 2, 2015

Day @ the Nursery.

 I still do not have my computer and/or software handy...
Regardless of that life goes on and I'm posting some updates from my phone,
now when I figured out how to do that... I was ignoring using of phone for ages, just because 
always had much better way to do things...
But when You best is not available, You have to do Your best with what 
You have, right?...
Above - our precious Bea with her two week olds.
Below - Gina's bunch, what just got another upgrade to their apartment.
They absolutely in love with bigger place and all those new toys.
Perhaps some of You may recognize what those are....
Yes! We using parrot toys for our babies!..
 They enjoy those, but it only will good till our rascals will have more teeth..
Then more tough toys will have to come to play....
And we have plenty of those too!..

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