Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring is here and Bea's puppies are grown up!

Hard to believe how fast time flies, but here they are - Bea's litter.
Few days ago they got groomed and ready for vet appointment with our vets.
Little ladies are first 4 pictures. They brother is the last one.
BTW, he wasn't very pleased with our photoshoot idea,
that is why he is looking sort of grumpy. 

 After their grooming session everybody went to the vets office
and got to see our Doctor Lisa and her lovely assistant - Emily.

Our vets are terrific and yes, we all normally spend most of time on a floor. 
No worry - it just was freshly sanitized before we brought everybody in.

Now little ones are officially ready to go home.
yes, we WILL miss them, no reason to ask.
I'm in love with Bea and if I could I would keep if not all,
so most of her kids. They are very special to Ira and I.

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