Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kaleidoscope of Leila's babies pictures.

 Not much to say, but a lot to enjoy!... Pictures of precious babies at their best.

 On a play...

 And eating... I mean - sleeping!..

And having good time (did I mention "sleeping", because they finished their "eating" part?)
in their new extended play area.

And enjoying visitation of their future adopted parents!
Yes, this is not a misprint. 
I think Our dogs are adopting US just as much as we adopt them.

Of course before adoption, we have to cage-train new prospective parents.
This human on the right is doing very well in a puppy pen.
Of course Irina (on the left) has to supervise all the process, as perfectly cage trained human
with many years of experience!..

They will make a happy family... in a few weeks!
But right now those puppies still have important job to do - GROW.

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