Friday, May 10, 2013

One more portrait.

Miniature schnauzer with natural ears
head study, pastel. 10 x 8"

For those who is interested - I have my latest ORIGINAL painting 
up for bid on Daily Paintworks (online art auction) with low starting price.

Painting is offered unframed, but could be framed by your request,
OR I can do commissioned painting of Your very own favorite dog.
(Good reference photo is the must for all commissions).


  1. I feel as though this little guys could walk right off the page! The eyes are especially wonderful, Tatiana.

  2. Thank You so much for Your kind words, Claire!
    You know, we always paint the best what we know the best. Sure I know my dogs well. Speaking of eyes, here I have to say big Thanks You to Jack White and my gallery director in New Hope Howard Cooperman. I mostly work from photos, how You know and trues is - most of photos do not have good eyes. Jack kindly asked Howard to forward me some instructions ( how to make it look right, if You do not see it on the photo.) This is first time I tried this technique out and my photo reference was the most complicated case of all - with the light from the front... I was about start jumping for joy when I realized - it works! this is so cool! I have to say: "I'm happy!"