Monday, November 26, 2012

"Diva's" first litter.

After our Bea was finished with her show adventures it finally was a time to try out
that whelping box. November 12 was a day to see what it all comes down to...
Our oldest bitch, Cassandra had to take supervisor's duty.

 Naturally Irina was participating too, but schnauzers girls weren't sure -
human is enough and had to stay around as well.

All went fine and here they are!... Our new show hopes - two girls and a boy.

Bea is very comfortable in her new position and quickly realized -
it does bring her even more benefits... as this new plush blanket, she likes so much.
It keeps everybody worm and comfortable.
Today pups are two weeks old and starting to open their eyes.
Very existing moment!

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