Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gina's babies.

 Above - our beautiful Gina (Shazzam Of Oz Regina).
She is enjoying her first experience of being a mother.
Just like her Mom - Basya (Shazzm Of Oz Basic Beauty)
and grandmother Casya (Shazzam of Oz Cassandra)
she really loves it and does a great job of taking care about little ones.

How You can see - she is pretty content in her new
apartment with luxurious bedroom
(BTW there is electric heat under all this construction,
at case if You wander: are they warm?)

Pups are... FAT. (Or should I politely call it "chubby?) 

 Irina was trying to take better pictures of boys, but all they did -
they were looking for more milk. Blanket is fluffy, therefore it should be 
some milk... they just have to find it!

And naturally above - the only girl in the litter 
(it is sort of getting old - doesn't it? Again "the only girl"!)

Guys, I promise to post more photos, but I totally can not do it as often as every day.
So please be patient and bare with me... I need to do other things, then blogging.
It is a fun part, but there is a work too... Grooming, cleaning, feeding etc...

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