Monday, November 12, 2012

Bobby's litter 2012, 6 weeks old.

Today we decided to do that very photoshoot everybody was asking about.
Guess what?.. Little Rascals weren't up to cooperate.
Perhaps it is all about weather, but they were bored and sleepy during whole event
and the only thing what got some of their attention was a food, of course.
What didn't make my job any easier, because as soon they suspected "somewhere there was a food"
the rest of cooperation was gone.
But I managed to take few all right photos and now offering You to have some fun and play recognition game (try to recognize where is Your puppy).

Yes, those are "picture of the day"style of shots...
"I'm soooo bored with this process!
Can those humans figure out some different kind of game?..."

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