Thursday, August 15, 2013

New games etc.

What this post is about today? Clearly about sweet NOTHING!
Ira and I had so called "day off". In our meaning it is a day
when we do something what is not scheduled, but we just feel
like doing this time... I like this feeling.
This is what I call "Freedom". Our "freedom" simply is a 
"freedom of choices".
One of the things we did today; small photoshoot of puppies.
Not for any reason, just because  they were 
playing so well and we happened to have camera 
right on the middle of kitchen table!

Lacya's pups are just about two weeks younger compare to Tutta's guys,
but they  too discovering joy of playing with toys.

Above: Prada (left) and Pepper (right) Vs Mr Monkey.
At my humble opinion Mr Monkey doesn't have a chance!
Below: Boy and girl from Tutta trying to figure out
whose toy it is...

Perhaps tomorrow we will be able to take some more pictures
of them playing outside...
But we will see how day goes!


  1. Puppies are learning chinese too !!! (just noticed newspapers :D) All puppies are adorable :*

  2. Told You we will put those papers in a good use! We did! :-)