Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scary Blue "THAT" by Shazzam Of Oz video production.

This is a good demonstration video about how to  introduce Your puppy
to new things, what may look for him scary at beginning. 
Do not force You young dog, just show - there is nothing to be afraid of.
Make a little fun game out of it.
Your puppy will follow You, just let him do it on his own pass.


"Gigi", the schnauzer, as  "Shy puppy with one ear down"

"Sasha", the Fox Terrier, as  "Evil Villain who wants that Toy".


  1. I like how they play there, too cute <3

  2. They did play very well that day. It was awfully hot and we had to water kennel playground several times to keep it nice for them. They sure had fun!