Thursday, August 8, 2013

Help needed !!!

Now, my friends, after I posted all those pictures, I have to ask all of You about return-favor!..

Our British friend surprised as one day ( a while ago) when mentioned the fact that in England
they call "puppies" - "pooppies". Not sure, it is spell "poopies, but  this is how it sounds like...
And there is a good reason for it... Being a "poopies", puppies require a lot of reading material
often called simply "newspapers". And we constantly running out of those... therefore I have to ask You: when You are coming to visit (or pick up) Your puppy,
we would really appreciate some generous donation of this valuable paper...
So our puppies (and our house where they live) will be always clean and fresh!

Thank You in advance!

Irina, Tatiana

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