Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lacya X Timmy litter, 4+ weeks.

Lacya's kids are 7 weeks old by now and getting to be pretty independent.
They are also ready for their first shots now, but they do not know about it
and we are going to keep it this way.
The "gentleman of this litter" is captured on a picture above.

His 3 little sisters are follow him one after another.
They growing up quickly and getting in the age for funny games
what only puppies can play.

Sometime soon I'm going to treat You with puppy-play video..
I hope I'll find a time to edit that stuff and upload so everybody can enjoy.

Stay tuned!


  1. They are too cute ! Angel faces <3

  2. Are any still available in this litter?

  3. Cute for sure! No... not really available... We have one girl what is not reserved yet, but I'm expecting gentleman on this Sunday, who is very interested in her. So, pretty much it is safe to say"none is available".