Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beauty's "humsters" are month old!

Beauty's little pups are just about month old. The biggest thing about them - now they started to eat something other then  their Mom. We give them variety of natural food as yogurt, boiled chicken and rice,
some lean cooked burger and even some soaked with water dog food from the bag..
neither Irina nor myself are big fans of manufactured dog food, but reality is - most of those little guys will have to stay on that very diet and they need to get adjusted not only to home-made goodies but store brand meals as well. They feel all right about it. If You will take good look on those pictures, you will clearly see that they had their meal not that long time ago and it was Irina's cooking this time and not a Beauty's milk.

Above - two adorable black sisters. To my full surprise one of them is still available.

Above - the only man in this garden of girls. Doesn't he look already like a serious little man?

And lastly - all 3 little black/silver sisters. very cure and totally do not get
what did we drag them out of their bed for?.. They just ate, it will be good time to sleep now.
At this gentle age they still mostly sleeping, unless they are eating... And it is all right.
few more weeks and we will have totally different puppies who are ready for some serious games.

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