Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kenya and Timmy litter at glance...

 Time goes fast when You having fun... Or when You are busy.
Life with puppies is both - much fun and very busy.
Daily routine, new things to do, new places to explore, grooming etc.
On a picture above You can see how well 7 weeks old pup
can tolerate grooming. On picture below- learning to stand pretty on a table.
No problem! Of course if You teach them how and reassure them it is all OK.

8 weeks old puppies are truly handful. Unless they sleep or eat,
they want to play all the time, chase each other, tear newspapers etc...

They also learn how to interact with their humans.
And this is very important part.

Each one by this time developed bright individuality
in how to approach other dogs, people and world around.
You can read it on their faces and we never get tired of it.

But as I mentioned - time goes fast and finally it is their time
to go to their new families what barely can wait
to meet new family member in person... for the first time!

Yes, we do miss them!
But now we gained some new friends and also...
also I finally have a bit of free time to update this blog.
Sorry it took a while, but You know...
priorities! :-)

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