Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bea's litter 2016. Bea X Chant.

 And of course Bea's puppies... Oh boy! Those are always my favorites.
Not mentioning the fact Chant is a Daddy...
They were born on July 28, Birth Day of Beatrix Potter,
lady who wrought charming  "The Tale of Peter Rabbit".
That gave Ira all that 'Mopsy-Flopsy" idea, do not blame me... 
I can't help it. She is getting very creative lately.
All right now... above- Mrs Josephine...
And she is going to be loved and cherished by our Veronika, Irina's daughter
and my God-daughter all-in-one.
Maybe we even will talk her into some shows... maybe... Right, Veronika?...

 "Cotton Tail". We just call him "Cat". 
(I know it is confusing, as he is the dog... 
male dog after all.)

 Of course... not to forget "Mr. Peter"... he is the biggest one 
with small white spot on front of his chest.
You will love him. We already do.

 "Mopsy" and "Flopsy"... not sure which one is which.
All questions to Irina.
(here we go Ira, You have more things to do -
identify who is "Mopsy" and who is... You know what!)

Now I'm off to walk our dogs, 
You guys enjoy all those photos we just posted.
It may not be any others for a while, as we have more shows coming up
and it will will surely keep me away from blogging.
Oh, well! It is all for good.


  1. I'm I mistaken, or I see black puppy ? My heart stopped

  2. Sorry, but no... Salt and Pepper puppies. They always very dark at birth or... almost always.