Saturday, December 5, 2015

3 more titles!

 This Friday we attended one more Rally trial. 
This time it was at Bella Vista training center.
Our first time at that facility and we LOVED it!
Result - 3 more qualification scores and 3 more finished titles.
Lusha and Roy got their Rally Advance titles,
while Chant finished his Rally-Novice.

 Here they all are together with Irina, who handled 2 out of 3.

 Roy (on the left) and Lusha (right)
with their daily bounty - green qualification ribbons,
purple rosettes for new AKC title and placement rosettes.
Roy got second high score in the class( Red Rosette)
and Lusha scored on the third place (Yellow Rosette).

Of course now Lusha has it all, as a queen she is!

After we finished with both advanced class dogs, 
Irina took out Enchanter and I took out my camera,
so now we have this video of them two performing...
Beautiful job, Irina-Chant team!

... and this was our last performance trial for the year...
Now we can practice and wait what the spring will bring to us!...

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