Sunday, December 13, 2015

Last show weekend of 2015.

Mid-December 2015. Weather is nice and warm, day time temperature is in 60s.
With the group of friends -owners and breeders, we spend 3 days
showing our beautiful dogs in Allentown PA. Good friends, great times,
but this time - no points on our account.
I care less, Lusha was flawless. I'm proud of her.
We ended up this season with picking up 6 singles and
 when spring comes will go back in the ring for those majors.
During the winter we will play with Obedience
and Rally practice and some agility exercises...
And also I'm going to paint more... I had my painting program on hold,
because of all dog-related events,
but now I'll have more time for my other love - Thee ART.

Here is some of still shots and short video from todays show.
Our baby-girl is all grown up now and knows her stuff.

On another note we expect few interesting litters during this winter and hopefully
will end up with some new show prospects to keep...
But time will tell... Mean while we are done with this show season.
It was marvelous!

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