Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mid-winter news and updates.

Well now... time is going quickly, things are changing rapidly...
We are in February now...
What do You know of February 14?
Hearts and candies, right?...
Not only that. This year it is only Thee Day
when our favorite Breed will be shown at
Thee Most prestigious dog show in USA -
Westminster Kennel Club show in NYC.
Our "Diva" - Lusha was supposed to be a part of this show,
but Nature had different opinion and Miss Diva came in season...
Not the best, nor easiest way to be shown.
Therefore we had to drop whole idea and getting ready
for spring performance events instead.
Barn Hunt is calling her name and we need more "legs" in Agility.
And her Grand Championship campaign has to be finalized too.
So no Westminster for Lusha... not this time.

Now... meet our newest addition - Gypsy Rose "Rosie".
Finally in our family came to live with us another Standard Schnauzer.
Last one I had 20 years ago, but always knew -
it will be another right day and...
So this day has come. Rosie is here to stay, 
thank You to our wonderful friend Shawne Imler!

Awwa's twins got an addition to their living-room.
They also got bunch of new toys and learning to eat
on their own. We found out - those two are not big on meats,
but love their dairy!...  At list for now.

 Awwa  continue to be Mrs Perfection 
and gracefully fulfilling her motherly duty.
She is to go back to show ring at fall of 2017.
Only 5 more points to go to get her Championship.

Spring is not that far and girls are starting to come in season
one after another.Hopefully we are going to have
several beautiful litters later this spring.

Currently Tutta was bred to Timmy for her last litter.
Puppies expected to be born sometime in March.
Availability - end of May/beginning of June.
It will be Black/Silver litter with no other color options.

Gina and Gigi are going to be bred in February as well.
Gina is going to have another Black/Silver litter
and Gigi is going to have Salt/Pepper litter.
Litters should be born in April, available in June.
We still discussing their breeding partners.

Later at spring Ziva will be bred to Timmy
for another litter of black and Black/Silver puppies.
Availability - first part of summer.

It will be very busy time, I can tell right now...
Perhaps it will be lesser of blogging too.
So far I have more free time I'll try to do more posts...
But then - who knows.

To be continued......

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