Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Manya and Tory are 6 weeks old!

 Today is a girls' Birthday. They are 6 weeks old now,
it is a big mark for little puppies.
When they turning 6, they starting  to be social, playful, very curious
(sometimes too much curious for their own good!)
and very photogenic... Yet very hard to take pictures,
as those little things wouldn't stay still for longer then an eye blink.
This is why we scheduled this BD photoshoot NOW.
Who knows, if we would be able to make them stay still for us tomorrow.
Some time ago I ordered new photo background
and this was a great way to try it out.
It worked out fine, so I can order more of the same brand.

 Above - Tory. Reminding me a lot of her Sire.
Below - Manya - reminding a lot of her aunt - Lusha,
when she was a baby!
They only getting better day by day...

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