Friday, February 10, 2017

Manya & Tory are 1 month old!

 Today we are celebrating puppies first important anniversary -
they turned to be month old... And what a difference did it make.
Sometime I can not believe it, how one more day may totally change 
all behavioral pattern of little puppies.
From cautious little creatures they all the sudden turned
into fearless little predators ready to play with everything on their way.
To commemorate this day we did this little photoshoot,
when girls were posing on purple -
the color of Westminster Dog Show,
where in a few days their Daddy will be competing again
against of very best dogs in North America...

Girls know nothing about dog shows yet, 
but in a few months that will change too...
Meanwhile they enjoy all their toys and games 
and this is what childhood should be about...

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